Map of the Calanques Situation map

The Calanques are mainly located inside the municipality of Marseilles. Accommodations could also be found on Cassis, or around La Ciotat. We usually handle your transportation on spots if you stay in Marseilles.

The Calanques or the Sainte-Victoire, as mediterranean massifs, are subjects to intensive heats, and climbing during midsummer might be close to impossible. The best season to climb in the Calanques in then from september to june, because climbing there is not only doable, but even enjoyable in winter.
For the Verdon and its famous canyons, climbing during spring or autumn is top notch.

First contact and booking are usually handled by phone or e-mail.
The hiring of your guide for a day is mostly around the standard wages of 240€.
For special courses (several days with several guides and a larger group), a deposit will be necessary to book your place.

Perfectly located inside Marseilles, we direct you on demand on accommodations, be it hotels on the seafront, downtown, or even cottages for groups and, of course, sweet restaurants intel!